GUIDE 游戏指南

How to download and Install Crazy Shooter Online Client.

Step 1: Click on

Step 2: You can download CSO client by clicking Link 1 - Link 4 or Download from mmosite,
once you click the page will be transfer.

Example: Submit the verify code "343"

Example: Submit the verify code "7316"

Example: Click on download button

Step 3: After submit the verify code or click the download button you will need to wait
15 - 20 seconds for the client download.

Step 4: After waiting 15 - 20 seconds then click on the download button

Step 5: Once click on download it will pop up a small window and choose the directory you want
to save the CSO Client.

Note: If you facing any patch update problems you can download the manual patch at our official website.