GAME 游戏资料
MainWeapon Vice Weapon Melee Weapon Anti-tank Grenade

Mp7(Miniature SubMachine Gun)
MP7 Personal Defense Weapon, Recoil Power is lower, speed of shooting is excellent, the power of single shot is not high, lighter weight has guaranteed the good mobility for users.

Mp5(Miniature SubMachine Gun)
Developed by H&K CoMpany, the power of single shot is lower, but this weapon got advantages such as: speed of shooting is excellent, Recoil Power is low, and the accuracy of shooting is high.

P90(Miniature SubMachine Gun)
Submachine gun that has the largest quantity of bullets. moreover, the high accuracy of shooting has made this gun become one the most capable weapon in eliminating eneMies.

M3(Shrapnel Gun)
Single Shot Shrapnel Gun, slower shooting speed, but the lethality for short distance is extremely strong. At the Terrain of Alley, this weapon plays an iMportant role.

XM1014(Shrapnel Gun)
Shrapnel Gun that can launch automatic mode, the lethality for short distance is very strong. The characteristic of automatic mode, has enhanced the strain ability for the players.

Ak47(Assault Rifle)
Represents AK series of the former Soviet Union, the lethality of single shooting is stronger, but the Recoil Power is larger, so the accuracy of autoMatic shooting mode is slightly lack.

M4a1(Assault Rifle)
Advanced version of M16, the ability of all aspects has been raised. Although the power of single shooting is slightly lower, the accuracy of automatic shooting Mode for medium/short distance is quite satisfying.

AUG_A2(Assault Rifle)
Masterpiece from Austria, can strike like the Assault Rifle, and at the same time, can zooM in to Make ambush.

M24(Sniper Rifle)
This is a Sniper Rifle with stronger power, the accuracy of shooting is extremely high, can Make the enemy injured seriously just after one shot, if shot the enemy's head, the enemy may die immediately.

Awp(Sniper Rifle)
This is a Sniper Rifle with extremely strong power, heavy component and slower shooting speed lead to the excellent accuracy and lethality.

G3/SG1(Sniper Rifle)
Although cannot Make the enemy die by only one shot, this weapon can launch automatic mode without closing the Telescopic Lens.

M60(Machine Gun)
Machine gun with very strong firepower, the sufficient bullets and great stability, can cope with large quantity of enemies.

A weapon with great firepower, got strong lethality, can kill many eneMies at the saMe time, but can only fill in a round of ammunition at one tiMe.

95 style(Assault Rifle)
If coMpare to other Assault Rifles, this weapon is really powerful, if use it reasonably, sure will revive the China Trend. Chinese should use guns from China!